The museum project began in Milan in 2015

The museum project began in Milan in 2015. Mr. Bernard Grenier, with the help of the municipality, Milan's development committee and the MRC du Granite, is working on the elaboration of this project, which comprises the construction of the Donald Morrison museum.

To help us fund our project , we will have Morrison Clan objects , copies of newspapers and vests for sale .

A tree donations is installed in the museum

                              After April 15th, 2015, t-shirts are $20.00.

Anyone interested in sharing their documents, photos or any other object that may have belonged or had a link to the Morrison family, can contact Mr. Bernard Grenier at:

Bernard Grenier:
Municipality of Milan 819-657-4527
In 2016 Mr Julien Bergeron and Mr Bernard Grenier found the right place of Murdo's house in 1894 .

they find nails, rods and hinges

The search continues