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Milan’s Development Committee is a voluntary group of Milan citizens and elected municipal officials who truly value the local history and the economic development of the municipality.

During the 2013 Megantic tragedy, many archives on Milan’s history, of which some were about Donald Morrison, were destroyed in the fire. This event prompted the citizens to bring home the local history and it is within this initiative that Milan’s Development Committee was created.

Involved in its community, the Committee is responsible for the Donald Morrison Interpretation Center and regularly organizes activities for its citizens and visitors.


The Committee’s projects are possible with the community support, the citizens’ participation and donations.


The Donald Morrison Interpretation Center is the result of the involvement of many Milan citizens. The Committee would like to first thank Mrs. Isabell Beatie MacArthur. Great-niece of Donald Morrison, Mrs. MacArthur generously donated to the museum, the land on which the Center is built.

The Committee would also like to thank those who donated the necessary funds for the building of the site, including the municipality of Milan, the Granite MRC et local businesses.

Let’s not forget Saint-Sebastian’s granite pit who donated the stones used for the stone circle. It is to a large extent that the stone circle could be built.